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Narnia Icontest

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1. You may enter up to four icons.
2. All icons must adhere to the LiveJournal icon settings (40kb/100x100 or less)
3. Do not display or use your icons anywhere until voting is over.
4. Keep your icons PG, as the movie is PG. This means no profanity, no incest or suggestion of anything sexual.
5. Use only the images provided (stock, textures, brushes are allowed)
6. You must be a member to enter.
7. Enter in the following format:


1. Do not vote for your own icon.
2. Vote for three icons TOTAL unless otherwise specified. More or less will lead to your vote not counting.
3. Do not ask/tell/hint at others to vote for you.

Challenges will be posted Sunday afternoon.
You will until Friday afternoon two weeks later to get your entries in.
Voting will take place from Friday until the following Sunday.
All times are EST.
Winning icons will get nominated at narnia_awards by queenofnarnia.

Email me at valiantqueen@gmail.com to become affiliates. It must be a movie icontest or Narnia related.

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